Friday, September 2, 2016

Fall planting info and Labor Day sale at Glenwild Garden Center this weekend

Old patterns and new habits pertain to your garden as well!  Going into this fall planting season, be sure to visit your local garden center to talk about their options for the area around your home or business.  They may even have classes like Glenwild Garden Center!

Succulents make easy houseplants for a sunny window
Hi Everyone,
It's the supposed end of summer (though I personally hang on to the bitter end in September), and we, like many other businesses, celebrate by having Labor Day Sales.  Seems silly, but it's perfect for you because we need to clear out our spring and summer merchandise so we can set up for you-know-what.  And actually, Pam brought in some really lovely fall decorations--come check it out!   And...the mums have arrived.
See you soon,
September 24th is our annual Free Fall Lawn Care Class.  Fall is the best time to get your lawn in shape!  Rich Imlay of Jonathan Green Lawn Care Products will show you how to get the best lawn on the block with either an organic based program or standard with the use of IPM, or Integrated Pest Management. Feel free to talk to Rich about your own lawn issues. Bring a soil sample so we can test the pH of your soil. (Call for details on how to take a sample).  Check out this video on lawn care--you will know more than you ever imagined about your soil and lawn!  (And don't worry, they get to the organics at the end).  :)
Bulbs arrive next week!  If you've never planted these dry little brown blobs in the fall and waited months to see something growing, you're missing out!  :)  I'm totally serious.  Come in next week and pick up a few for absolutely stunning blooms in the spring--you'll regret it if you don't!  Daffodils, Tulips, Alliums, Crocus and more.  Don't miss the incredible Fall Blooming Saffron Crocus!  It must be planted soon for blooms this fall that you can harvest actual saffron from. Yes--to cook with!
Our Holiday Class schedule is online now.  Call to sign up
Don't forget--we carry Bear Resistant Garbage Cans!
Labor Day Sales
25% OFF
Shrubs and Trees 
(This sale ends on Labor Day) It's about to cool down & it'll be a perfect time to plant
Seasonal Garden Accessories 
Glazed Pottery
(Stock up now--it's almost time to bring in those tropical plants!)
Scotts Spreaders
 September Hours:
Monday through Saturday 8-6, Sunday 9-3
Monday September 5th, Labor Day, 9-3
104 Glenwild Avenue
Bloomingdale, New Jersey 07403

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