Friday, September 30, 2016

Connect the Dots - Old Habits and New Patterns

September has been all about change.  The change of seasons, back to school time changes, making changes in our lives and recognizing changes that need to be made.  We've had so much great content this month, its hard to choose which blog posts to highlight here.

At the beginning of the month we focused on National Yoga Month with a great series of introduction snapshots to Mind Key Affiliate Thames Street Yoga, staring with a profile of the owner, Kyla Rose Maher.  Check out what Kyla had to say about her wonderful instructors.  Each "snapshot" provides bios for two of the great and varied yoga instructors at Thames Street Yoga. Gentle Instructors for a Creative WorkoutHolding Space for GrowthDevotion and Energy as a Spiritual Path and Running with Instructors. We also heard from Lisa with some great info about the connection between postures and paradigm.

During Building a Better You week, we featured many stories of making yourself important and positive thinking.  In Self Kindness, Tamara talked about how positive self talk has really made a difference in her life.  Sarah realized that being her most authentic self is important through a Facebook quiz in Your most authentic self.  Danielle gives us great tips and tricks for feeding the fam in Back to School snacks that break the mold.

New Patterns for Old Issues week brought us to talk about child-driven learning, the many benefits of yoga  and being important to yourself, because if you're not important to you, how can you be important to others?

Thinking Outside the Box week brought us to the beginning of Autumn with Bring in new energy for spring now, the creativity of an event to paint your own yoga mat and some helpful information about the Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).

In October, we'll be transitioning to the Harvest.  How can you harvest what you've sown over the summer or in your life in general? How the harvest season effects you and the environment, traditions surrounding the harvest and October in general and harvesting your talent in ways that can be beneficial to your life.  Stick with us, its going to be a great ride!

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