Monday, September 5, 2016

Kundalini Chick Goes Vinyasa

September is National Yoga Month! 

Since yoga is also a great way to create new patterns and break old habits--our theme for September's issue of Mind Key the Blog--we decided to highlight some of our favorite yogis this week.  Here's why:

Kyla Rose Maher
"I wear a lot of white. I love chanting. I’m very comfortable doing heavy, intense breath work. I like to close my eyes when I move my body.  I have sheepskins all over my house and I can’t imagine sitting in meditation without it, and yes, I can rock a really cute urban turban.  I am, 100%, a Kundalini chick.That said, I’m open to all forms of yoga, and have definitely done my fair share of dabbling across disciplines."

In addition to the long-standing Kundalini class Kyla teaches on Tuesday nights, 24 vinyasa-style yoga classes are now available at Thames Street Yoga and Kyla Maher's boutique, Long Time Sun Apparel in Newport, RI. As a Kundalini chick, Kyla decided to break out of her yoga pattern and check out every one of those 24 classes at Thames Street Yoga.

"But then I thought, what the heck does the Kundalini girl know about Vinyasa?" Kyla said.  

Quite a bit, in our opinion... but Kyla also shares her review of the Thames Street Vinyasa classes with an honest, down-to-earth perspective.  If you're looking to see what yoga is all about, check out Kyla's instructor reviews--we'll run one each day this week, so stay tuned!

Thames Street Yoga
198 Thames Street, 

Newport, RI  02840

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