Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Connect with your readers: Marisa Goudy, Writing Coach

By Danielle Rose

Storyteller and writing coach, Marisa Goudy’s work is about connecting the reader to you as a business person, to your work, and most importantly to themselves and the world at large.

“I'm a writing and storytelling coach who specializes in supporting therapists, healers, and other professionals in the transformation business,” Marisa said. “My main focus is on using storytelling techniques, particularly my signature Story Triangle approach, to help writers create online content. The goal is to use stories to connect and build relationships with clients before you meet them in your office for the first time.”

Through The Story Triangle Marisa teaches that there are three essential elements of storytelling: you (the storyteller), your audience, and your story. The goal is to balance the relationship between the three. When you tell an authentic story that matters to you, while keeping the interests and needs of your reader in mind, you tell a story that connects. Such a story appeals the emotions, inspires, and changes hearts and minds.
“My work isn't just about helping people produce quality copy and content. I help you develop a writing practice. I believe that your writing practice wants to give you more than just another blog post... Your writing practice helps you understand yourself, your work, the people you serve, and the stories that matter to our changing world.”

Writing and storytelling coaching is not only practical, but essential for any practitioner looking to share their service with their clients, and express their message and their strengths into the world

Marisa Goudy
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Looking for a way to wet your feet and see how valuable the connective power of storytelling can be for you and/or your business?  Sign up for Marisa’s e-course, “Your Stories and Your Audience,” today.

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