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Healing and connecting with Jahmu Chai

By Carlie Currier


Jahmu Chai is “an instant turmeric and ginger chai tea inspired by the traditional Indonesian elixir, jamu, and the ancient Indian healing beverage, golden milk.”

Jahmu products stand alone as the world’s first instant turmeric-ginger chai tea mixes. The company, a public benefit company, aims to spread the awareness and availability of turmeric, ginger, and other healing foods through their turmeric ginger spice blends and tea mixes. It’s not only been highly acclaimed as a powerful anti-inflammatory, but its creator, Jessica Filkins, hopes to improve lives by making the conscious consumption of jamu part of a daily routine.
The origins of Jahmu PBC began in Jessica’s post-college years when she suffered from digestive problems from too many antibiotics. In 2012, she discovered jamu while attending yoga teacher training in Indonesia. Although it was always made from a blender mixture of raw ginger, turmeric, raw egg and honey, every woman she encountered seemed to make it differently, and each batch tasted different as well. Jessica discovered that the common denominator in every batch of jamu was the distinct bright orange color and how it eased her stomach pain.

Jessica Filkins, founder and owner of Jahmu Chai
When Jessica returned to the United States, she studied as a health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and worked at a health co-op in Wakefield. She wished to continue making the signature drink for herself but had trouble finding raw turmeric. Instead, she created a new blend with powdered turmeric and almond milk. She began sharing it with coworkers and family, especially her grandmother who, with the addition of the drink to her diet, claims to be cured of all stomach pain.
“I never measured and it always came out the same. Things like fenugreek were just added because I felt they needed to be there, and then I realized their health benefits later”, Jessica explains.
According to Jessica, much of her ideas come through intuition. She was called to sell her recipe alongside other spices at Block Island farmers markets that summer. This blend she made with raw turmeric to create a ginger-like lemonade people loved. She found the easiest way to package the mixture was in Ziploc bags, which explains the unique packaging that the company uses today.  

Soon after, Jessica continued to follow her intuition to start Jahmu Chai in 2014. Her brother recognized the potential and became her business partner, advising her to create a public private corporation. They managed to raise $5,000 through Kickstarter, which really helped spread the word.
Jahmu Chai caters to customers suffering from a variety of different ailments. It has received some very strong testimonials, from people claiming it helps with Lyme’s disease, completely diminishes arthritis in hands and encourages better sleep. Jessica even performs reiki on every batch.
“Instead of just a supplement, you have to take the time to drink a whole cup of it, so you have this conscious connection,” Jessica states.
This speaks to the placebo effect and power of intention in Jahmu’s success, Jessica said.
Jahmu is a healing and flavorful tea that offers connection to one’s own body and self, and connection with others when shared amongst friends. The reiki Jessica performs on every batch amplifies this and Jahmu’s other healing effects.  Speaking with anyone in Jessica’s company compounds this connection, as they are all down-to-earth individuals who are interested in their customer's experiences and the world at large. Consider Jahmu a beautiful and healthy gift idea this season.
Jessica has recorded some guided “tea meditations” to listen to while drinking a cup of tea, coffee, or warm water. She claims they help her feel more focused throughout the day, and remind her to eat, drink, and speak more mindfully. She plans to offer these recordings so that they can be available for anyone to use to provide a sacred moment to every morning, whether or not they're drinking Jahmu.

Jahmu’s four proprietary varieties include Jahmu Chai with Caffeine, Caffeine free Jahmu Chai, Sweet Jahmu Chai, and Golden Milk. They also offer Matchai, Jahmu with organic macha green tea, and Jahmu Cocoa, a chocolate chai mix.

Looking for a great holiday gift idea? Check out the Jahmu Chai Sampler Pack, complete with samples of each tea mix (31 servings in all).

The Jahmu Chai Grand Sampler is also available. Includes four resealable stand-up pouches of each type (144 servings of tea in total!). Save $10 off normal pricing and get free First Class Mail Shipping).

Jahmu also has a monthly shipment club, which is not only a great gift idea, but allows for additional saves. The first shipment of a jar of tea. Then, once a month, you get a packet of tea to refill the jar. Club members also receive many free samples to enjoy or share with friends. Membership starts at $15/month and can be cancelled at any time. Membership saves you about 25% off the normal price of the tea plus you get free shipping. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Jahmu is also teaming up with Mind Key to provide even deeper discounts. Receive 10% off any order over $25 (including the first charge for the monthly shipment club) by typing “MINDKEY” in the coupon box. This discount is good until the end of the year. Regular (three-day) shipping includes anything in stock, and priority is shipped out by end of the next business day.  

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