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Wear your best health: Amy Cousin Jewelry

Crystal Herkimer Chakra collection by Amy Cousin Jewelry
It is my great honor to write about my close friend and artisan, Amy Cousin Jewelry. Amy has been a jewelry wire artist for some time now, skillfully wrapping semi precious stones using gold, silver, and copper wire into pieces of therapeutic, wearable art.

Amy began with what she describes as an "extreme affinity for creative endeavors." She realized many years ago that she required a creative outlet that worked with her particular time restraints.

"I was always looking for a physical point of focus to help me ground amidst chaos in my life," Amy said. "I found gemstone energy to be so important: tap into it, and it will carry you through, but it won't do the work for you."

Amy incorporates the meditative action of bending wire and working with stones and crystals in the creation of her jewelry. This energy, combined with that of the stones offers the wearer a means of working through all levels of abuse and bullying: physical, sexual, emotional, verbal.

Amy's jewelry has a lack of mainstream vibe. All of Amy’s pieces are all either custom made or limited edition runs.

"I don't have a large and cohesive collection that is easily identifiable,” Amy said. “I don't follow fashion trends and I don't guarantee a large collection of the same items--not right now, at least..."

Lisa's Italy necklace, custom made for her by Amy Cousin
I have worn Amy's jewelry almost daily since we met about 12 years ago. Before I took a powerful and life-changing trip to Italy about nine years ago, I spoke with Amy about where I was in my life.  Certain stones resonated with her as I spoke, and she used stones that called to those stories to create a stunning personalized necklace. She sent this beautiful, therapeutic necklace overnight to ensure that I would get it in time, and I wore it every day of my trip. True to Amy's description, the stones facilitated the shift I was experiencing. From my perspective, the necklace from Amy was prescriptive. I consider Amy one of my practitioners--she taps into my energy and makes a lovely piece of wearable art that is also therapeutic for me in my moment of need.

"I listen to the person, the stones and the metals,” Amy said. “and I create whatever is the right piece to create."

A recent trend at Amy Cousin Jewelry is flowing with the integration, grounding and alignment of feminine and masculine energies within each one of us.

"The gems are saying address the feminine/masculine energy as it relates to women,” Amy said. “I have heard them say to address men as well, so I got some fantastic stones that are suitable for both sexes. I am really feeling that now is the time for women to connect with gemstones that vibrate more on the masculine spectrum--pyrite, lapis lazuli, labradorite, and onyx keep calling me for women. We have the feminine energy mastered, mostly. So now it is time to tap into the masculine energies and use them in our feminine way. That's the message."

The  Mind Key Etsy Shop now proudly sells a number of Amy's limited-edition, pre-made pieces of beautiful and therapeutic jewelry.  Visit to discover even more of her work, or contact Amy directly at  and tell her what is on deck  at this moment. Amy will take that information and interpret it into your choice of earrings, bracelet or necklace, within your stated budget, that will help you more effectively navigate the issues at hand for you in your life.

Crystal Egg in Apatite
The custom process is quite simple.  Amy will ask a few questions, then dig deeper, discovering the energy, feel and colors that works best for you, or your loved one. Having the right design and color scheme to make the piece wearable for the owner is just as important as the inherent energy of the stones.

“I can find stones that are in the range of stones of what they feel comfortable wearing,” Amy said. “Energy is energy, and sometimes there is a color association but it doesn’t always have to be that way.”

Once the stones are decided, Amy sends some design ideas and combinations, as well as an estimated payment, half of which is due prior to beginning work to cover the cost of materials. Throughout the entire process, Amy sends pictures of the work being completed, and is open to design changes as well.  When the piece is completed, Amy will send it with a detailed description of each stone, and how their energies are connected to the individual for whom the piece was made.
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