Thursday, September 8, 2016

Devotion and energy as a spiritual path--Thames Street Yoga Highlight #3

In honor of National Yoga Month, and our September issue of old habits, new patterns, we'll be highlighting instructors at Thames Street Yoga in Newport, RI.  Whether you're into yoga, or just curious, Kyla tells the story of each class from an informative and entertaining down-to-earth perspective.

By Kyla Rose Maher

Erin Coonan - Thursday 5:30PM Vinyasa, Saturday 8AM Express

Erin is awesome.  Smart, real, constantly aware of the entire room.  Ready to jump in with a witty joke but still bringing it back to spirituality in a grounded way.  She started the class by translating the ever thrown around “set an intention” as “why are you here”?  I loved that.  Lots of great energy in her class, I can tell why she’s so popular! Sara summed it up by saying “I pretty much loved everything about her and her class and can’t wait to come back next Thursday and the Thursday after that.”

Patti Confort - Thursday 9:30AM Vinyasa

Oh how I love Patti C.!  A beautiful, well thought out, and balanced sequence along with her dry sense of humor made for a really enjoyable class.  She says these very funny, quirky remarks with a serious face - but the twinkle in her eye lets you know she’s so not serious and that she’s full of love.  She told me in an e-mail “I am basically a humorless mathematician who just recently turned toward the yogic path” and she went on to tell me that yoga changed her life.  You can sense that devotion from her in her class, which I love and can relate to.

Thames Street Yoga
198 Thames Street  |  Newport, RI  |  02840
EMail  |  401-374-2553

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