Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Holding space for growth--Thames Street Yoga highlight #2

In honor of National Yoga Month, and our September issue of old habits, new patterns, we'll be highlighting instructors at Thames Street Yoga in Newport, RI.  Whether you're into yoga, or just curious, Kyla tells the story of each class from an informative and entertaining down-to-earth perspective.

By Kyla Rose Maher

Gretchen Peterson - Tuesday 9:30AM Community Yoga ($5)

Gretchen Peterson
Gretchen is just cool. Cool outfit, cool music.  Very easy going.  There was an older woman who came into the class looking very nervous and said “I don’t know if this class is right for me.  I’m not a kid!” - Gretchen looked at her with a smile and said “don’t worry, neither am I!” and then welcomed her into the space. We started with simple stretches, then got to some harder stuff and ended with some left nostril breathing. Throughout the class she gave interesting tidbits of spiritual wisdom - like, who knew your fingers represent your self esteem?  And YAY for yummy smell savasana head rubs.  Thank you, Gretchen.

Lori Pagliaroni - Monday 5:30 Heated Vinyasa II, Monday 7PM Dharma Mittra, Wednesday 9:30 Heated Vinyasa, Saturday 9:30 Heated Vinyasa

Lori Pagliaroni
This woman lives and breathes yoga.  When you go to her class it’s immediately evident that she has an incredibly strong practice and is a seasoned teacher.  She’s intense, in the best possible way. She teaches four different styles of yoga at studios all over the place.  One of the things I love about Lori is that it doesn’t matter if she’s teaching a small intimate four person class, or a mat-to-mat packed high energy session - she puts her whole heart into every time. When she teaches she projects!  She’s five-foot-nothing, but you would never guess with the amount of power that comes out of this little lady. She calls every pose like she MEANS IT. and SHE DOES! She’s not shy when it comes to adjusting either.  I loved her confidence in my body.  Wow.  Sara agreed and said, “She is tiny and fierce! Do not be fooled by her sweet demeanor because she holds a space and teaches a class that will kick your booty.”

Thames Street Yoga
198 Thames Street  |  Newport, RI  |  02840
EMail  |  401-374-2553

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