Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Gentle instructors for a creative workout--Thames Street Yoga highlight #1

In honor of National Yoga Month, and our September issue of old habits, new patterns, we'll be highlighting instructors at Thames Street Yoga in Newport, RI.  Whether you're into yoga, or just curious, Kyla tells the story of each class from an informative and entertaining down-to-earth perspective.

By Kyla Rose Maher

Patti Doyle - Sunday 8:30AM Vinyasa, Sunday 10AM Heated Vinyasa II

I think I can safely say that the jury is in about the owner of Thames Street Yoga, Patti D; and the they’ve found her guilty of being totally awesome! The few classes I attended have been super creative and masterfully crafted - we go from one place to another, and then boom - my leg goes there, arm there, swoop - and wow I’m upside down before I know it! Her soothing voice, down to earth yet stylish demeanor, and incredible attention to each student, makes her classes challenging in the most gratifying way.  She gave me a foot massage in one of the classes - I would have paid $15 just for that!  My boyfriend is actually getting jealous because I talk so much about how cool this woman really is.  We’ll leave it at that. Two words from Sara: “SO GOOD”

Greg - Friday 6PM Happy Hour Yoga, Sunday 6PM Community Yoga ($5)

This guy is a paradox, and I mean that as a compliment. Green Beret Special Forces Sergeant Major in the army and probably the most gentle and sweet man you’ll ever meet.  He’s got a caring voice, an honest approach, and he ain’t bad looking…so that makes for a pleasant yoga class! I first went to his Monday 9:30 class which was slow, flowing, and easy to follow.  He’s the type of teacher that fixes your shirt before giving you an adjustment - very polite! He closes the class by saying something like “thank you for letting me serve” - and I do believe he’s one of those people that genuinely wants to be of service to others.

Thames Street Yoga
198 Thames Street  |  Newport, RI  |  02840
EMail  |  401-374-2553

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