Friday, September 9, 2016

Running with instructors--Thames Street Yoga Highlight #4

In honor of National Yoga Month, and our September issue of old habits, new patterns, we'll be highlighting instructors at Thames Street Yoga in Newport, RI.  Whether you're into yoga, or just curious, Kyla tells the story of each class from an informative and entertaining down-to-earth perspective.

By Kyla Rose Maher

Rebecca Polan - Friday Morning 8AM Express, Friday 9:30AM Restorative and Yin

Rebecca Polan
Another 8 am class I have yet to get to.  Sara said this: “When I take any of Rebecca’s classes I always leave thinking…I LOVE HER! She is sweet and gentle but at the same time her classes are physically challenging.  I love how playful she is and how she can laugh at herself. Her knowledge of the body is really evident in her teaching style.”

Danielle Putier

Danielle Putier - Tuesday 8AM Express

Danielle is a Fiona Apple doppleganger and a soft spoken gentle teacher who immediately puts you at ease.  She told the class she is a recent graduate of Patti’s teacher training, but really I would have never known. I loved the morning practice and how gracefully she led us through each posture.

Kara Discenza - Monday 8am Morning Flow Community Express

Kara Discenza
I haven’t been able to get my tush up for the Monday morning yet, but Sara did and loved it.  Here’s what she said: “When I walked into Kara’s class she immediately welcomed me with her warm smile. Her 8AM class is a perfect way to start the day. She has a very gentle light way about her as she teaches.” Plus, she’s a total yoga babe!

 Thames Street Yoga
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