Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Connecting the Energetic Dots

This month we discussed the energy of the things we do to our body and how it can change us as well as so-called coincidences that led to life-changing events. 

Energy is everywhere and there seemed to be so much energy of change in August, we wanted to share it all with you.  There were so many events in each of our areas, Rhode Island, NY/NJ Highlands area, Denver Metro area in Colorado and our newest location, Mind Key Florida.  Events, whether they specifically mention energy or not, can connect with energy because, like I said, its everywhere and everything.

Creative energy, be it  photo manipulation by Elisabeth Ladwig in The Making of Time Capsule or Marisa Goudy's The Energy between writer and reader talking about the bond between writer and reader.  Arts and Crafts shows bloomed in all of our areas, and Kerstin Zettmar talked about the bond she and an old friend retained over the years because of a piece of art in Slender threads of connection.

Spiritual energy is everywhere as well.  In The Art of Prayer, Ojanae Ellison explored the energy surrounding prayer within differing religions and Vera Remes talked about the hand of coincidence that was too much to be an actual coincidenceJefferson Harman was our profile of success this month, an artist and observer of energetic connections posed to us during dreams.  Tamara Rokicki talked about Telepathy, or feelings of expectation, as well as The energy between men and women.

Danielle Rose gave some great advice in Making Vendor Shows work for You, giving tips and tricks for businesses who use trade shows to connect with customers.  I talked about the energy of households, how they're each different with the multiple people and egos.  And Danielle talked, again, about the Energy of Manifestation, bringing the energy to you. 

Each of us has our own story.  You have a story, as do I.  We are all made of and are surrounded by energy.  Whether you believe it is only that, energy, or the presence of a higher power, it is difficult to deny.

And why should we?  Accept the energy and bend it to your will.

In September, Mind Key writers will be exploring patterns and habits.  Why we form them and how we can break them when they no longer serve us.  Stick around!

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