Thursday, September 1, 2016

FL Event - Grounding the Center workshop 9/10

As we enter our month of old patterns and new habits, Mind Key would love to see our readers try new things.  With that in mind, check out this unique art workshop at the White Crane Clinic in Tarpon Springs, FL.
Guarding the Center


Saturday-September 10, 2016 from 10-12 pm at the White Crane Clinic

Presented by Kathleen Sullivan, MAAT, ATR-BC

Cost: 25.00 supplies included


“but a puddle becomes clear when it’s still and stillness becomes alive when it’s roused .” Lao-Tzu

Participants will explore the concepts of authenticity and artificiality through a unique collaborative approach to making a piece of sculpture.  Each participant is invited to bring five random found objects-think paper cup, old tailpipe, empty detergent bottle, cracked mirror, doorknob-the odder the better. Discover the significance of contrast, juxtaposition, and reconfiguration in a safe and supportive studio setting. Gain insight about the process of guarding the center through construction of the outer form.  Discover how being still can rouse creativity.


No experience, artistic training or skill is necessary.

Art images do not waste our time telling us about things we already know.

Call (727) 942-4249 for more information.


RSVP by September 8th                                                                       Limit: 6 Adult participants

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