Friday, August 19, 2016

Telepathy and the Energy of the Mind

Image result for 10 brainI’ve always believed that as human beings we only utilize a small percentage of our brains.  It is a mystery. Our brain is closely connected to our senses, capable of so much more than our everyday functioning. I’ve seen glimpses of how powerful and connected we could be, if only we had the knowledge and instruction to utilize our brain's at full potential.

If we pay close attention, there are signs of some spectacular powers and metaphysical abilities many of us experience on a regular basis.  Telepathy is one of these special abilities.  By definition, it means communicating with the mind, surpassing distances and barriers.  A telepathic thought allows someone to feel or hear something without the use of words or visual hints.  In my own experience, a telepathic thought brought a specific feeling, a warning, or a sign.  

As a firm believer in the Spirit guiding us and speaking to us on a spiritual level, I have relied on this telepathic approach on several occasions.  Occurring on a regular basis is my intuition of when someone will call me on the phone.  The thought occurs and minutes later the phone rings.  Also, I’m often able to sense another person’s life changing event without even being told about it.  I’ve sensed pregnancy, loss of employment, or marital stress in several of my family and friends, as a prophetic thought.

Image result for quiet your mindRecently, I experienced an extrasensory activity stronger than any other.  During a visit at a local shopping plaza, my mind received a strong thought about someone I hadn’t seen in many years.  This particular person is someone who affected me closely in a negative way who has been out of my life—and my mind—for a long time.   It shocked me that I felt such a strong feeling, born seemingly out of nowhere, yet, my entire being heard the message loud and clear: He will be here.  You will see him shortly.  Ten minutes after this thought occurred, I ran into him.  The telepathic feeling had come to fruition.  The message was received and then physically executed by the world. 

The keyword is receiving.  When our mind and our spirit are open to accept such things, to take notice of small but powerful voices and vibes that try to communicate with us, we are then able to experience a crumb of the infinite metaphysical world.  Telepathy is often regarded as an innate ability that only some people possess.  I’m not sure I agree with that.  Yes, many metaphysical powers are granted to a handful of people, but I think it’s not as black and white as many believe.  Each person has the unique skills and ability to nurture a part of himself that opens the door to a spiritual path.  At Mind Key we are strong believers that door is available to everyone, not a selected few.  Each one of us can cultivate a spiritual and metaphysical aspect and ability, only when we are open minded and ready to receive.   

Tamara Rokicki

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