Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Aquidneck Food Challenge

Rhode Island's Aquidneck Community Table launches their first ever eat local challenge this week, and whether you live on the island or across the country, shfting your food perspective to "eat like a local" opens up new patterns and new ways to connect to the energy of our bodies and our environment.  
There's no better time than now--when local food is at its most abundant--to try your hand at a more-local diet.  If you're looking for help eating locally in your area, please contact us at and we'll help you find your local resources.  

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September 1-10, 2016


We've been hearing a lot of questions about the inaugural Aquidneck Food Challenge – "Do I have to give up coffee?" (No!), "But I already eat a lot of island-grown food, so why should I sign up?" (To be part of a community effort to raise awareness of local food!)

The challenge is all about raising the stakes on your local eating, whatever that means to you. There are no strict rules – and no successes or failures!

It is simply this: however much island-grown food you're eating right now – raise YOUR stakes from September 1st-10th. Maybe you're already eating seasonal bounty like corn and tomatoes – why not try incorporating Aquidneck-raised protein sources like chicken and beef too? Maybe you've been promising yourself a fishing trip and grill-out all summer – get it on the calendar for early September! Or maybe you're ready to take the plunge and eat only island-grown and Bay-caught food for the duration. It's up to you! 

By signing up for the Aquidneck Food Challenge, you'll be joining a community local food adventure. We'll be sharing recipes, photos, resources, and gathering data from participants – all in the interest of growing our island food system so it serves you better. 

With love and solidarity,

Bevan, Liza, and Tara
Team AFC

Click Here to check out the challenge!

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