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Household Energy Vibration

We are all made of energy and everything around us is energy.  The level of vibration and how you interact with that energy is important. What you put out is what you attract.  I know this is cliche, but it's also true.  There is so much energetic drama in today's society, be it political or otherwise, that watching the news or even reading Facebook can be stressful if you allow others' energy to effect you. With my personal energetic vibration level, I find it easiest to let events ebb and flow around me without getting caught up.  My house is the lowest intensity zone I know.

I have three boys (two at home and one grown and gone) and a husband. There's a very masculine feeling around my house. I like to use the masculine energy (and lack of additional estrogen) as the reason that our house is a no-drama, low-intensity zone. We're constantly on the move, so in no way do I mean low energy. In fact, I can't think of a weekend without something planned or needing done.  We just vibrate at a lower intensity, and it's very noticeable to everyone around us.

The Fam
Merriam Webster defines the type of drama I’m talking about as:

noun dra·ma \ˈdrä-mə, ˈdra-\
a state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces

I see other households with just boys, like ours, and there’s energy-expending, high intensity drama there. Yes, our kids are older, but I hear of many families with older kids who still have fights and hold grudges. I know parents whose children are already out of the house, who seem to have more drama than my family does with two kids (and four egos) still at home.  I hear of spouses who don’t talk to each other and even physically make it a point to avoid one another.  I know a family whose mom refuses to do chores and lets the house be over-run with dirty dishes just to show the dad that he’s not doing dishes, either.  All of these situations seem dramatic to me.  They seem like so much extra work and too much energy.  I just don't have it in me.
My guys
I need down time.  We all do as humans.  But we also all recharge differently.  I see our house as a safe zone from the craziness of the outside world. While my husband is a very social person, he's also an introvert who needs alone time to recharge. I take on many jobs and need time and space to complete them.  Toby, our 19 year old, is on the autism spectrum and needs the calm of our home, coming from his work-day at the amusement park. Jake, our 14 year old, is just stepping into the hectic life of a marching band member and high schooler with a girlfriend.  He needs the down time our home provides, too. 

Of the words in the definition, it's the intense conflict where my family seems to shy away.  We vibrate at a less intense energy than other families I know.  There are conflicts, of course. No group of people could coexist without conflicts.  There are hectic schedules, financial concerns, sibling rivalries, huge egos, arguments and emotional misunderstandings.  Very seldom, though, would I say that things around my house get intense. especially with conflict.  

I love our energy.  It's intense in its own way.  We all have the opportunity to do what needs to be done as well as to unwind and process our days here.

Image result for drama definition Each household is different and is made up of different vibrational energies with different chemical make ups and life experiences.  I don't discount the families who vibrate at a higher energy level.  In fact, I don't think there's a way to change your vibrational level unless your circumstances change and then it would happen as a consequence of the change. I think, as family members move in and out, as it would be with roommates, the vibration of a household changes.  I know that our household energy morphed when our oldest moved out.  Its an ebb and flow of energy. Is your family’s energy ebbing or flowing?  High or low?

Organization is key to keeping the energy in our house working for us.  I've found that when each member of our household knows what and when things are expected of them, we can accomplish great things together.  Let Mind Key help you organize your household, your time and your life in a way that can allow each member to shine.  Contact me to learn how!


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