Monday, August 29, 2016

The energy of peace and manifestation

Manifestation is the process of manipulating energy in such a way that we first create and surround ourselves in the vibration what we want and then allow the universe to bring the physical manifestation of that vibration to us. That’s why visualization is such a powerful tool.  Visualization allows us to see what we want--the clearer we see it, feel it, sense it, the stronger the vibration we create.  That created vibration then has the ability to draw that which we desire to us in a very real way.

Visualization works best when it’s directed solely at oneself. In other words, a visualization board made to achieve a promotion or new home is inevitably more likely to come to pass than one made for world peace, or even for a healthy relationship--things integrally that require others.

The point is that our personal energy is powerful, but it only works from the inside out.  

Let’s use the above example: manifesting a healthy relationship.  We all know this begins on the inside, but we also know it takes two and that we cannot change the thoughts or actions of others. So, how to manifest a healthy relationship?  By manifesting the qualities we seek in others within ourselves.  Then we become the energetic puzzle pieces, allowing those we love to fit into the space we’ve created.  Sometimes our loved one never morphs to fit and, instead, may fall away… In the end, we are happier because while we didn't get that relationship, we changed ourselves into the person we hoped to see. In doing so, we offer the opportunity for the right fit to make his or her way into our lives--whether that fit is the person we were with, or someone else.

Peace works the same way.  It does!  In a home full of bickering and spite, family members generally wish that the others in the household would change their behavior.  We can't change others' behavior, however.  But what can we do to create peace within ourselves first, even amongst the bickering?  Perhaps the issue did not come from inside us, but in changing the way we perceive or react to it, we offer those around us to change the action.

It’s a ripple effect.  It starts out small, and expands to all those it touches.

The same works on a larger scale--whether in an office setting, or world-wide.  When we improve ourselves, and are true to ourselves, to our needs and our desires, things begin to fit into place.  

I have not been in an office setting in a long time.  But now, as a full-time mom, I see how much energy my own little family unit generates.  I see how my mood affects my children, and it causes me to recall how much the mood of any one person in the small offices I worked in affected the others.  On a good day we do great things, even if it doesn’t seem as if we were being productive (and the same was true in the office)!  When one person has a bad day, on the other hand, the structure crumbles and much less gets done.

If you can understand and believe this, then imagine if we all looked inward and allowed ourselves to be true to ourselves in all situations, if we gave ourselves permission to do what we desire and need, however difficult that permission might be, then that vibration, that buoyant energy, would radiate out.  It would encourage others to do the same. It could be powerful enough to manifest change not only to human energy patterns, but nature’s patterns as well.

In other words, it would start a ripple effect that would change the world.

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Danielle Rose

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