Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Energy Between Man and Woman

Behind the mysteries of the world, energy plays an important role in everyday occurrences in our lives. While there is no concrete explanation why certain people are more attracted to others, science does explain a small part of the energy behind that magnetism.
In his article Four Types of Bonds of Love Between Man and Woman, Dr. Awdhesh Singh explains that this attraction has been attributed to humans’ need to procreate.  Even so, he ponders, why does a couple’s attraction continue even after they’ve procreated?  One explanation can be attributed to science itself.  With the belief that all matter and energy were one before the big bang, it is possible that energy naturally yearns to become one as it was in the original state.
Dr. Singh writes, “It can be said that perhaps the attraction between the opposite sexes is due to their desires to become one as they were one sometime in the past.”
On his website The World of Wisdom and Spiritual Adventure, spiritual Teacher, shaman, healer
and educator in family, business and life management, Alexander-Northern Deer talks about intimate relationships, and the energy between man and woman.  He explains that the lack of harmony in a couple relates back to energy, specifically in different levels in the seven chakras.  Once a partner feels and perceives the energy of the other sex in all levels, he or she will become healthier.
It is plausible to believe that as what we refer to sexual chemistry is actually based on the energy exchange, perception, and reception between the sexes.  As each gender exudes a personal energy power, the other is receptive in a unique way.  Healing energy, sustainability, and creative expression ties in with that energy.  Focusing on that dynamic exchange explains a lot about the relationship between the genders and how nurturing and understanding that energy is beneficial in every area of our lives.

Have you experienced energy spikes, or even lows, in relationships with members of the opposite sex? How do you interpret that energy and how does it affect your overall well being?

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