Friday, July 29, 2016

Connecting the Dots - Healing with Nature

When delving into the issue of Healing with Nature, our writers discovered many things....

Our first week was focused on creatively using foods and organic farming and gardening with this video on Polyface Farming, information on Vertical Gardening in urban areas and other tight spaces, and a recipe for Wild Rose Vinegar that utilizes nature's seasonal bounty to heal and nourish body and soul.

Week two, we discussed the healing aspects of nature.  In Natural treatments... Barbara talked about her health journey with Crohn's disease and how being in nature helped balance her body.  In her blog about Drum Circles, Vera said that Shamans recommend drum circles to release unneeded and unwanted energy.  Vera also talked about Nature being the remedy itself.

The third week of July was focused on the spiritual aspects of healing through nature.  Dr. Lisa Avila talked about her experiences with White Pine and the herb's ability to help to ground up and down for balance.  Charla talked about Yearning for simpler times when the foods you ate and the work you did sustained you.

This week, Mind Key writers focused on connection.  Marisa shared how nature and children together offer perspective and inspiration for writing and life in Writing Lessons from the Berry Patch and Tamara talked about education in the great outdoors in Learning in Nature.  Ojanae asked if we really are what we eat and Lyn spoke of helping kids with ADHD in the outdoors and how they connect.

The Earth is bountiful and ripe with healing properties.  Whether you focus solely on the food you eat or you step into the mystical with Chumpi Illumination or Drum Circles, nature has remained the ancient healer and is always there when you need it/her.

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