Monday, August 1, 2016

August's Issue: Energy, connection and coincidences(?)

Have you ever thought of someone only to have them call moments later? Met someone you could swear you've met before or feel like you've known your entire life? Have you ever had a prayer answered and wondered if it was a coincidence? What is a coincidence? 

Too many times, I've felt coincidences shake the ground beneath me. Sometimes they're small things, that change us forever. Recently, I was late to a meeting that would determine if I could join a bow club. I'd just moved to Rhode Island, and was looking to meet some new people, and learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, something I'd always wanted to do. I was stuck in traffic, and then realized, belatedly, that I had entered the right street address, but the wrong town, into my GPS. By time I found my way, I was 45 minutes late to meet the club's president.  I did not have his phone number, and he was long gone from the building.  I was so exasperated I almost cried. 

Luckily, a few emails later, I was able to reschedule the meeting for the next day. We met (on time, this time), he approved my application, and showed me the grounds. I was interested in the outdoor course with trails and 3D targets (foam deer and bears), but I was a novice and the idea of it intimidated me. Soon other members began to arrive. He introduced me to them, and I discovered that they were going to shoot the wooded 3D course. A long story short, I ended up tagging along to see what it was all about. They encouraged me to shoot with them, and I did-- and quite well! I made many great friends that day, who have taught me so much about archery, and whom I would have never run into otherwise. League night at the club is now one of my most revered obligations of the week--one that defines me, has helped me be a better archer, and a better person, and is undoubtedly something I would have missed out on had I not been so terribly lost and late for my original appointment.

Hitting a bear on my first night at league
Energy is all around us. We live in it, breathe it in, create it. We are energy, and so is everything we touch--be it one another, the table before us, or the ground beneath our feet. Understanding energy opens us to becoming more perceptive, intuitive, insightful. Recognizing the energy around us and how it plays out helps us better follow the signs and paths set before us. It helps us make tough decisions, and feel comfortable in the moment, even if the moment feels uncomfortable. 

This month we will discuss the energy of the things we do to our body and how it changes us, so-called coincidences that led to marriage, spiritual awakening, and more, as well as how we can work with our personal energy through prayer and yoga, read our energy through our dreams, and connect with our clients and customers through the energy of writing.

When has the connection of energy created moments that helped define your life?

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