Thursday, July 14, 2016

Drum Circle Bonfire – Just what your Shaman ordered

Spiritually, a bonfire reflects the power of the sun and encourages the power of good. It also represents solar festivals, where the life-giving power of the sun is acknowledged and renewal is celebrated.

When we are conscious of feeding a bonfire, the passionate side of our emotional selves needs to be allowed freedom of expression. Old, outdated concepts and beliefs can be let go in order to create something new. To be lighting or tending a bonfire in a dream indicates a need for cleansing some aspect of our lives. In past times, old bedding and litter was burnt with some ceremony to mark the beginning of a fresh cycle of existence. Such a fire can also represent passions that are not confined by rigidity and custom.

I recently became aware of a form of healing called Black Smoke.  In a video I just saw, QiGong master Tristan Truscott guided the viewer through a practice called "Black Smoke" that you can use to remove negative energies and bring healing to specific areas of your body that need it the mostI was amazed to recognize that I had been using the technique in my own healing practice, essentially filtering the negative energies of my client both physical and spiritual, throwing them into the fire within me and releasing them into the atmosphere. The universe converts the illness or negativity into pure white light. 

You can draw into yourself anything you want to release either for yourself or another.  Fill the space that is left with light vital energy.  Truscott reminds us that to get tan you don’t do anything, just expose yourself to sun.  So too healing can take place as long as you give yourself permission to return to perfection, to be completely healed.  Feel that you are bathing in the light of unconditional love.  He maintains and I have found this, that any residual negativity or pain can be eliminated with 1 or 2 more clearings.
There is a famous quote sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein: “Everything is energy.”  Truscott believes that energy is everything. Watch his video for yourself at: 

Using a shamanic bonfire as a medium to get in touch with yourself and your needs lets you also use it to metaphorically rid yourself of the unwanted negativity, both spiritual and physical. 

It's also a lot of fun.

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