Monday, July 25, 2016

Writing Lessons from the Berry Patch - Marisa Goudy

Nature, like children, can be the most unassuming of teachers.  In her blog, writing and storytelling coach, Marisa Goudy, offers both hobbyists and professionals looking to share their vision, profound advice for telling an honest and vibrant story.  In this post, her daughters' experience in the berry patch offers a backdrop for lessons in patience, creativity and adventure--both in writing and in life.  Visit Marisa's website to learn more about her services and read more of her writing insights.

Writing Lessons From the Berry Patch

As is often the way with everyday magic, you don’t notice it even when it’s right under your nose. Or encircling your back yard.

We lived in the house for a few years before we realized we lived in wild berry heaven. Our land bursts with joyful, succulent gifts every July, but we never noticed until we slowed down to a toddler’s pace and humbled ourselves to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

And now our second girl is a passionate berry picker too. She’s insatiable, really, but at least we know where to find her when we say “but I thought YOU were watching her!”

This need to chaperone a two year-old in a fruitful paradise that also features thorns, concealed ditches, ticks, snakes, and poison ivy brings life to a halt a few times each day.

When at my best, I’m a merry companion willing to tear my dress to reach that perfect cluster of sweetness. Then there are the moments when I’m itching to start dinner or do some writing or simply go find some shoes so I can satisfy the incessant requests for “Berries! Berries! Mama, ber-RIES!” without injuring myself.

We’re not just picking fruit in the berry patch. We’re taking lessons in patience, creativity, and picking the perfect moment.

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