Monday, October 3, 2016

Harvest: October's Mind Key Issue

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There may be no word more timely for October. Harvest means gathering in the abundance of the world around us, a drawing in of that which we need--of food, of companionship, of warmth, of summer. It also means letting go. Letting go of work, of growth, of that which no longer serves. We gather what we've sown, and let go of everything it represents.... or do we? Perhaps what we're doing is consuming that which we feel we must let go of. We put the food we've grown into our bodies, and allow it to infuse us with the warmth of summer, the fruit of our labor, the joy of summer and of work.

What else besides food do we harvest in life? Last month’s issue explored old patterns and new habits which begs the question, what old patterns can we revisit in order to evaluate how they helped us grow?  What values did those old patterns teach us before we created new ones?

This month we will explore the idea of harvest both physically, by exploring the use of weeds and common herbs to heal, and waiting to harvest the beauty of plants we sow. We will also explore the concept of harvest figuratively, as in harvesting the rewards of our efforts to achieve goals, or harvesting our talents to reap greater rewards.  We’ll also discuss harvest traditions, and how they parallel the self-harvesting that seems so prevalent at this time of year, when the days grow shorter and the darkness longer.  We’ll even discuss what to do when what you harvested wasn’t what you expected.

What does the term “harvest” mean to you?  And how do you plan on harvesting during these last glorious days of light and warmth?

Check back each day in October to learn how we’re taking the harvest by the horns and reaping the dreams we’ve sown.  Or sign up to get this great content delivered to your inbox each week.

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