Friday, August 26, 2016

You are a star in an otherwise bleak world

Taraleigh embodies exactly what we believe in here at Mind Key.  She has made music her life, and has made the leap to allowing that life to fully support her in every way.

She's done this by allowing her personal energy to work for her, rather than against her.  When we do what we love, and live authentically, we are asking the energy of the universe to bring more of that into our life. As humans, we hide behind masks and allow those masks define us... authenticity happens when we are brave enough to peek out from behind those masks as Taraleigh has. Then, life begins to shift so our dreams can come true.

I'm not suggesting this isn't scary, and isn't without risks, but Taraleigh's story is proof that those risks are well worth the end result.

Taraleigh as her everyday, authentic self!
Walk of Shame
by Taraleigh Weathers

“You are a star in an otherwise bleak world.”

I just received a check in the mail from a speaking engagement and workshop I presented, and these were the words I found handwritten in the "for" section.

I leaked a little awesome from my eyes because if I told the Tara from even 10 years ago that I would be getting paid to basically just be the wildest authentic expression of myself, I would have hoped it was true, but I probably wouldn't have believed it.

 My "job" makes my heart sing and I often find myself saying, "I can't believe people pay me for this!" When you are using your unique gifts to serve the world that's how it should be. I'm changing that thought right now to, "People pay me for this and I'm so grateful!"

I'm not any luckier or special or braver than anyone else. I used to find it to be challenging to be the real me in every situation... CONTINUE READING HERE... 

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