Thursday, August 25, 2016

Communication: More than just you and me

By Ojanae Ellison

Since before the time we learn to talk, we are taught that in order for life to flow easy you must talk to people, communicate. All relationships depend on communication. Every relationship is different and requires different means of communication, but communication nonetheless. Good communication is essential for the healthy relationships we crave.

Herbalist and author of “The Gift of Healing Herbs,” Robin Rose Bennett agrees. "Communication is the essential key to healthy relationships,” she said. “And healthy relationships are the key to a truly good, joyful life.”

Spiritual Healer, Vera Ann Remes says she “depend[s] on spiritual and energetic interactions with [her] clients to tell [her] their needs and how to help them. When [she] scan a client’s body [she] feel the cold spots and vibrations that denote pain or illness.”   If she didn’t have open communication with the spirit world she wouldn’t be able to do her job properly.

In addition to communication with the spirit world, we must also be in tune with nature around us: noticing when the birds sing, or when the flower blooms. Taking time out of the day just to sit and enjoy nature without destroying or defacing it in anyway.

In an article written for “Greater Good, the Science of a Meaningful Life,” editor and author Jill Suttie said that it has been proven by science that being in nature “reduces anxiety, brooding, and stress, and increases our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people.”

Communicating with nature fosters better communication with the people in our lives.

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All relationships depend on one aspect or another. If the relationship with humans, spirit or nature is lacking, it can cause the other two to be lacking. It’s kind of like a system of checks and balances. If everything is right with your relationships with your family and loved ones but you still feel something is missing, take some time out of your day to say a little prayer and sit on your porch and listen to the wind. It may seem small, but it’s the little things that make the biggest differences. Do this and slowly watch the change in your mood and overall health.

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