Thursday, December 1, 2016

December's issue: Connection

Image by JoAnna Schillaci
This month's theme is about how we work together as a community to remain connected--how we connect with others, with those we love, with the world around us. The holidays are a time when we work so hard toward a sense of connection while at the same time often feeling completely disconnected. As your resource for everything health and happiness, Mind Key believes that the idea of connection, whether to each other, to spirit, or to ourselves, is essential. That’s why we’ve devoted this month to spotlighting members of our community that offer resources via products and services that promote all forms of connection.

As you peruse this month’s spotlights, utilize your intuition to determine which offerings best match your personal energy patterns, and those of your loved ones. This is about more than gift-giving, this is about understanding what we inherently need, feeling that need in those with whom we're connected, and creating personalized gifts that bring  us together with the tools to success.

We’ll be exploring some of our community’s products and services, but more than that, we’ll offer a glimpse into each business’s philosophy, how they started, introduce their team, all while talking about how their products and/or services can provide help and healing to you on your journey and the world at large.

Most products will arrive in time for the holidays without the need for expedited shipping, and all services offer mailed paper certificates, or printable files via email that are worthy of the most discerning gift-giver. Many of these businesses are also offering holiday discounts to the Mind Key community as a thank you for being a part of our online magazine. Sign up for our mailing list with the term "December Blog"in the "referred by" line, and get an additional 10% off any item in Mind Key’s new online store.

As they’ve worked on their articles, some of the questions our writers have pondered this month include things that have helped them feel happier, healthier, and more connected; trusting intuition to discover that which is missing; those things that have helped them heal, grow and expand; as well as how Mind Key has helped on this path, and some of the experiences/services/products that they would recommend.
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