Thursday, November 24, 2016

Video - How to talk yourself down from a panic attack

As a certified yoga instructor and mental health advocate, Malia Bradshaw understands the struggles of coping with a mental illness.

Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, Malia has found support and healing through the power of yoga.  She dedicates her life to supporting others who also live with anxiety.

In her latest video How to Talk Yourself Down From a Panic Attack, Malia shares self-talk strategies used to regain control during an anxiety attack.  Many can resonate with her own tendency to get caught in the loop of her own worries. Yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques help her come back to the present moment.

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  1. which occurs because blood flow goes from the head to more critical parts of the body in response to the attack.
    The most common symptoms of a anxiety or panic attacks include the following symptoms.
    Take a look: anxiety attack


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