Monday, September 12, 2016

Herbal bath time recipe from Wisewoman Healing Ways

This great bath time recipe from Wisewoman Healing Ways can help you shift away from the processed bath products that you buy at the store to a more natural approach that may help your body!

Elder Bath Recipe
 1 cup dried elder blossoms
1/2 gallon boiling water
Put the dried blossoms in a glass jar. Cover with boiling water. Let steep for one to two hours. Pour the liquid through a fine strainer into a full bath.

Take this bath at a tepid or cool temperature to relieve itchy skin from bites, rashes, and even measles. Its soothing, anti-viral properties safely help anyone, from the youngest to the eldest. Bath can be enjoyed hot for other reasons, such as to help respiratory system when you have a cold or flu, especially one where you are shivering and sweating.
Take a hot elder flower bath (or foot bath) to invite in the consciousness-altering properties of the elder tree. Elder is "she who can guide you through the chaos of transformation". This is timely medicine right now, as we are in an eclipse season of powerful inner and outer changes. When we cultivate the changes that are upon us, as opposed to fighting them, we can soar to great heights, empowered by love!

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