Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Loving My Body

Self-discovery and self-healing comes through the realization of who we are and what our existence means.  In this month’s issue of new patterns, Mind Key writers encourage self-care and self-awareness as a sacred journey.  Our body is a sacred temple, a pillar of time, sacrifice, wonder, and strength.  But how can we change our attitude to  truly revere and  love it? In this article, originally posted on my blog, I share how seeing my body in a new light taught me to be more accepting of myself.


This morning, I sat on my yoga mat and attempted my yoga practice like the awkward self-taught beginner I am. During each pose I tried to remember a few things; to be gentle in my movements, respectful in pushing boundaries, and to truly appreciate every inch of my body. That’s when it hit me, and it hit me hard. This was the first time I talked to, and about, my body in a compassionate and loving way.

I should love everything about my body. My hands have held little one’s fingers, as well as those of dying loved ones. My arms carried the weight of the world, the weight of my choices, but also the bundles of hope and encouragement that pushed me along. My lips spoke comfort, and stood up for opinions, and spoke bitter words. . They kissed, and they tasted the saltiness of the sea. My feet, which carry me through life, step by step, always moving forward.

With that realization, I was saddened to think how careless I’ve been with my words and actions; how unloving I’ve been about myself, inside and out (continue reading here).


Tamara Rokicki

Caring for Me - Loving yourself with kindness, confidence and positive energy

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