Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November's issue: Tempest

T. Fleming-- Colorado Weather.jpg
Tempest submission by Tanya Fleming, Tanya Marie Photography

This issue covers the idea of tempest, which is also the title of Mind Key’s third anthology, Tempest: Life Upturned.  This theme represents phases of our life when our world seems inside out.  Autumn has faded and the serenity and snow blanketed months of winter have not yet arrived.  Storms turn vicious and sometimes our life seems to follow the same pattern: shorter days and longer nights, colder days and the stress of upcoming holidays. But a storm isn't always so bad.  It can stir us in a different and better direction; it can help us grow into who we need to be.  Even in our youth, we went through stressful times, only to learn and grow into the people we need to be.  

As we begin the month of November, we look at the stormy parts of life and our own troubled experiences. Addiction, losing someone we love, difficult relationships, and mental health awareness are common themes we’ll be covering, as will the tempest of NaNoWriMo--the idea of writing a novel over the course of 30 days despite our already tumultuous lives.  

How can you float through the stormy sea of life and what keeps you afloat?  How has it lead you into tranquil waters of the future?

If you have any thoughts for stories of tempest for this month, or for our anthology, please contact, or leave your comments here.

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