Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Don't stop until you harvest your goals

We all have goals that we want to achieve, whether they are personal, financial or professional. We always start out with altruistic intentions and feel positive that we will do what it takes and stay the course until we get the result we set out to achieve. However, so many times along the way we give up because it becomes too difficult, not realizing that often we are just steps away from achieving what we set out to accomplish.

        Most of us try to stretch ourselves by setting a goal that we feel is possible and others have achieved before, but I had an ultimate test of goal setting and achievement when I set out to find my healing puzzle pieces to regain from health from what I was told was an incurable disease.  I had no road map or guideline to go by, just my belief that there had to be a way back to health and out of the rabbit hole where I had found myself.

        I achieved some results early on by going to see Dr. Atkins at his Complimentary Health center in NYC. I had challenges staying on course because it was a good amount of work and effort to eat healthier as it took added time to prepare with so many dietary restrictions. I had to make all my condiments and sauces from scratch because I couldn’t have white vinegar or preservatives. In addition, I had to rotate grains and couldn’t have yeast, sugar, caffeine, alcohol or dairy except for freshly made cheeses like fresh mozzarella.

        During the week I would be diligent and be feeling good, then on the weekends I would self-sabotage by ingesting things on the "do not eat" list. This continued for a few years until I realized I needed to add some pieces to my puzzle by working on my mind and emotions and spirit to discover why I was self-sabotaging and allowing myself to slide down the mountain after working hard to make progress climbing up the mountain of health, happiness & joy.

        Slowly, I did start to make more progress, even if I slipped back down I wouldn’t go as far. But then, I had a really significant setback and slid all the way down into the mud at the base of the mountain of my health goal. Sometimes we have to come to a drastic fork in the road where we have to decide if we’re going to give up and stay a victim to our circumstances or take one more full out effort to achieve our goal and triumph and shine our full radiant light to be the best we were born to be.

        It was during this low point where I started to doubt if I would ever achieve my goal and be well again. I even asked God to take me to the other side because I weighed 85 pounds and had severe pain from vaginal-rectal abscesses from the profuse diarrhea. This is the point where we can choose to give up and not allow ourselves to get over the last hump and reap the rewards of our efforts. Thankfully I had the unconditional love and support of my late husband to give me the strength to make that one last ditch effort and stick to my original belief that there had to be a way back to health and that I could do it. I have been off medicine now for about 20 years and am in the best shape of my life at age 53.

No one said our hero/heroine journeys were going to be easy, but they are sure worth it when we allow the full harvest of our efforts to take place by having the patience, confidence, conviction and put forth the effort and do the actions required to complete our goals and dreams. Wishing you all success in overcoming your challenges and obstacles to achieve your goals and dreams to live a fully radiant life of health, happiness and joy! If you need any help along the way, feel free to reach out to me.

Barbara Steingas    
Radiant Life Coach: Health, Happiness & Joy    

Barbara Steingas

Live a Radiant Life - Tips to improve your health, happiness & joy

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