Monday, August 8, 2016

Serendipity - no coincidences

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                 I just love the serendipities in life that I like to call my jokes with God. I believe there are no coincidences and feel everything happens for a reason. However, we don’t always recognize these signs we receive along the way and might brush them off as coincidences and not see them as actual messages. I feel that if we were to notice our signs, the stress in our lives could be lessened for then we are in the flow of the energy of life, so to speak. When we allow life to happen and trust in the process rather than trying to control it, we can get wonderful surprises and miracles to occur, even if they seem small or trivial.

Image result for relaxing by the pool                For example, I recently spent the weekend with a friend at a timeshare near Atlantic City. I arrived first about a half hour before the standard check in time. The staff member assisting me at the front desk said that, when I had made the reservation, I hadn’t expressed my room location preference. The past two times I stayed here, I had received calls prior to my arrival asking me my preference, so I figured I had mentioned when I booked my reservation that I wanted to be close to the pool. Turns out I hadn’t, so they said the closest they could give me was three buildings away and the room wasn’t ready yet.
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             In the meantime I went over to the pool to relax in a lounge chair that I moved into the shade because it was over 90 degrees outside, at least the humidity was low. I was able to feel relaxed and comfortable.  In the past, I would have been upset with myself for not being thorough and making sure I secured the best room location, but on that day I was able to bask in the relaxation of the moment and take a well-deserved nap. After waking up about half-hour later, I received a call from the front desk that my room was ready.

            Turns out they were able to get me a room in the next building closer to the pool, so only two away. In addition, the room number had my birth month and date contained within it! Talk about a serendipity moment.  I love how the universe supplies us with blessings when we allow them to unfold rather than being in a state of fear and upset that something wasn’t going perfectly or the way we wanted it. So the next time you seem to have a coincidence occur, maybe take a look at it more closely to see what the message may be.            


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