Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NJ Event - Dirt Magazine's 2016 Kitch Garden Tour 7-24

Gardens are a great way to use nature to heal your life.  Whether you spend time gardening or you eat the fruits of someone else's labor, eating local is a great way to commune with nature.
The West Milford Organic Community Garden is flourishing as gardeners have been harvesting lettuce, spinach, kale, herbs, and are looking forward already to tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, beans and more. We've even started our Ample Harvest food pantry collections earlier than in past years. Our tenth season is off to a fantastic start. Meanwhile our new community garden at the Wallisch estate is up and running, and we look forward to starting a new tradition there to join the tradition we already cherish at Apple Acres.

On July 24th our gardens will be featured by Dirt Magazine's Kitchen Garden tour. See the website to sign up for the tour!

Our community gardens use all organic practices and strive in every way to work in harmony with the environment to produce the most mutually fruitful results. The gardens comprise a cooperative effort where experienced veterans and enthusiastic new gardeners work together to share knowledge and solve problems and ensure that members have the most fun and fruitful gardening season possible, with all possible benefits to the community.

Both gardens benefit from the Passaic County Dig In! grant program.

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