Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Natural remedies and treatments are crucial

     When I got the diagnosis of having Crohn’s disease and was told that it was incurable, I was given few options. The traditional medical field offered medications or surgery, like a permanent colostomy at some point. There was no talk of things like dietary changes, the recommendation to stop smoking or the need for stress management.  None of these options were even mentioned as possible ways to ease my suffering. 
            I even asked the doctors about diet, smoking and stress. They just scoffed at me saying that they had no bearing on my condition.  Initially, I believed their response, or at least didn’t question it further because it was easier to just continue taking the pills they prescribed than to change daily habits in my life. Plus, they were medical doctors who I had been raised and told by society to trust. 

            The original medications didn't work and I became so ill that my gastroenterologist decided to try a new form of medication that was starting to be used for people with my condition. It was an immunosuppressant drug that would basically shut off (suppress) my immune system. This would leave me defenseless and more readily open to infection, so my doctor warned me that if I took this medication I could potentially get a cold that turned into a deadly case of pneumonia. Given that  I was already in a death spiral even with my current immune system, this new option didn’t seem like the course of action I wanted to take.
That’s when I had my epiphany. I stopped believing that what I had was incurable. It was many pieces that got me sick, like a puzzle, so all I needed to do was find the puzzle pieces that would make me well.  To reverse the process and take the Crohn's disease puzzle apart.  That would involve finding natural methods to regain my health and restore it back to balance. It’s in our body’s natural alkaline state where heath resides, because disease can only thrive in an acidic environment.
I discovered strategies that supported my physical body such as learning to hydrate properly, deep breathing and to stop eating the foods that were feeding the yeast (candida) in my body that was causing chronic inflammation. These included yeast itself, white vinegar and other preservatives; sugar, caffeine and alcohol to name a few.
My steady regime of natural remedies worked and I was able to get off medication with the help of a complimentary medicine doctor.  Even after this triumph, however, I would sabotage myself without meaning to. After being stuck in this cycle for quite some time,  I finally realized that I needed to also work on my mind, emotions and spirit. This work included stress management and doing things like yoga, meditation, reading self-help books and going to self-improvement seminars.
In conclusion, there are times when we need traditional (western) medicine and surgery, I won't deny that.  Like when we have an acute situation such as an injury or infection, that is the time for traditional medicine. These methods, though, are often designed to shut off or remove vital parts of our bodies or their processes.  For long term health, in my opinion, it is crucial to use natural methods regularly that work with our bodies to restore and keep them in balance and in an alkaline state.

Barbara Steingas is an award winning author, inspirational speaker and radiant life coach, helping people to optimize their health and vitality.  She can be found at Steingasbooks.  Barbara is a resident columnist, sharing her 21 Tips for Healing.

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