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Striking the balance: Barbara Steingas' story of having it all, but in moderation for Yin and Yang

author Barbara Steingas
Award-winning author, inspirational speaker and radiant life coach, Barbara Steingas, has shared personal story of finding balance in health in Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance.

Barbara's passion is helping others optimize their health and vitality. She assists people in finding the pieces they need to solve their personal health puzzle through coaching services, talks, workshops, and her writing.  All three of her books represent different facets of whole-body, whole-spirit health including, "The Healing Puzzle," her personal story of "overcoming a chronic illness through unconditional love," and "Germans are Funny, Too!" which helped her embrace the emotional side of growing up with her "cuckoo kraut family."  She has also written "Solving The Crohn’s & Colitis Puzzle: Piecing Together Your Picture of Optimal Health & Vitality," which is designed to help the reader quickly identify ways to improve their own picture of optimal health by effectively outlining the seven body, mind/emotional, and spiritual strategies essential to her own healing puzzle.
Art by Alma Lucia

In her piece, "Everything in Moderation," Barbara tells the story of how she seesawed between healthy and unhealthy eating habits on a weekly basis. This bouncing from one extreme to another lasted for many years, and she believes it was a determining factor in why she eventually developed Cohn's Disease, which affect's the body's ability to digest and eliminate food.

Particularly because her story begins in college, when students are stressed, out of sorts, and focused on personal appearance, the piece is resonant with so many who have struggled not only with their weight, but their eating habits and their overall health.  It speaks not only to women, but also to men who struggle with striking that balance between what is right for their bodies, and their emotional health.  Without this crucial balance, everything suffers.

Barbara is in the process of transitioning to a full time author, speaker and coach to help guide more people in finding their missing healing puzzle pieces to in order to live the life they deserve and fully shine their radiant light to the world.

"My mission is to have people shine their lights fully and be the radiant rays of light and love that they truly are," Barbara said. Barbara's story of balance, and many others, in Mind Key's Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance available for pre-order now... the perfect holiday gift for anyone trying to find health, happiness and balance in a beautiful and inspiring way.

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