Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nature reaches to the Cosmos with Elisabeth Ladwig in "Yin and Yang"

"In Dryad of Death And Rebirth, the photo captures yin," Sarah said. "Though her roots are decaying in the earth, without that death, new life cannot grow.

Hailing from the mountains of West Milford, New Jersey, Elisabeth Ladwig, an award-winning conceptional photographer and artist believes "that life’s mysteries fall within the parameters of scientific explanation, that science abides by the Laws of Nature, and that nature is magical."

This belief is conveyed through her digitally composed photography, each piece with elements of nature and with an anonymous subject, offering a variety of metaphors for the miracles all around us, and for humankind’s relationship with the Earth and with the Cosmos.“Anonymity allows the viewer to take part in writing the story,” Elisabeth says, “and that story is going to be different for everyone.”

Upon finishing her studies in Graphic and Digital Design at Parsons School of Design in NYC, Elisabeth's artistic career began as a graphic artist in the music industry. It was this digital artistry that merged with a personal interest of collage art, morphing into her current work of photo compositing. Once an idea is born in her sketchbook, Elisabeth sets out to take the photographs she needs to create the image. Her creative process is variable and spiritually instinctive; often, an image is well on its way or even completed before its concept is fully understood, and that meaning may vary from one viewing to the next.

 Elisabeth's magical contribution to Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance, comes from "Out of the Woods," a collection of images that portray subjects who are not afraid to stray beyond their comfortable spaces, to transform, and to be seen.

www.elisabethonearth.comMind Key member and anthology contributor Sarah Loukos writes that Dryad of Renewal and Dryad of Death and Rebirth, truly represent Elisabeth's essence and connection with nature.

"Yang is shown very clearly in Dryad of Renewal, Spring. The woman in white spells out pure spring, perfectly."

View more of Elisabeth's work on her website and in Mind Key's second Anthology, Yin And Yang Duality Of Balance.  This one-of-a-kind full color, glossy book is an inspiration of art and writing for those who are ready to embrace both the light and shadow side of themselves.

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